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About Odyssey Manufacturing Co.

Odyssey Manufacturing Plant
Our Story


Odyssey Manufacturing was incorporated in 1998 and began operations at its "state of the art" bleach manufacturing facility in Tampa, Florida in March of 2000. The manufacturing facility utilizes chlor-alkali technology for the production of bulk sodium hypochlorite. Odyssey's UltraChlor   Sodium Hypochlorite is engineered to be a superior quality product and is manufactured at a concentration of 12.5 Trade Percent Available Chlorine. With an extensive fleet of tractors and tanker trailers. Odyssey is able to also provide bulk truckload deliveries to its customers. Odyssey also sells and installs chemical storage tanks, feed systems and on-site sodium hypochlorite generation (OSHG) equipment for those customers that elect to go with this option. Odyssey is uniquely positioned to service this equipment, provide backup sodium hypochlorite during maintenance periods and can even provide high quality salt out of our large indoor warehouse (in Tampa), which stores over 50,000 tons of salt.

Chlor-alkali technology has been used for years to produce chlorine and caustic out of salt and water utilizing an electrolysis process. Odyssey takes technology one step further by combining it with a Powell continuous bleach plant. Odyssey's process is superior in that it utilizes demineralized water and evaporated salt with membrane cell technology The result is a much purer grade of caustic and chlorine relatively free from impurities. The resulting chlorine and caustic is taken directly off the cells and combined in a Powell continuous bleach plant to produce a superior quality product. Of the handful of companies who employ this technology around the country. Odyssey's cell room has had the longest continuous operation in North America. 


Odyssey Manufcturig Plant
Exclusive Distributor  


As a leading supplier of sodium hypochlorite to the industrial market and pool industry in the State of Florida, Odyssey Manufacturing Co. recently tripled its manufacturing capacity by signing a long-term deal with Olin Chemical, in 2018, to be their exclusive HyPure® sodium hypochlorite distributor for the State of Florida. HyPure® sodium hypochlorite has similar purity characteristics to Odyssey's Ultrachlor in that it is made from a chlor-alkali plant connected to a continuous sodium hypochlorite plant. Olin Chemical is the world's largest sodium hypochlorite supplier and this agreement with Odyssey provides Olin direct access to the largest sodium hypochlorite market in North America. This also provides significantly increased reliability to Odyssey's customer base.

NEW!!! Recently, Odyssey became a bulk distrubitor for Southern Ionics for sodium bisulfite. Odyssey also now sells bulk sodium hydroxide (aka. caustic soda).

Odyssey is the Florida distributor for many of both PAX Water Technologies and UGSI Solutions products and equipment, including ...

UGSI Solutions

  • Tank Shark (ground and elevated storage tank mixer)

  • MicrOclor OSHG (On-Site Hypochlorite Generation) system

  • Residual Control system

PAX Water Technologies

  • Active Tank Mixer systems

  • THM Removal system

Odyssey also provides chemical and biological odor control systems, as well. Please see WT & WWT Industry for more information on these products and pieces of equipment. 

Tampa Manufacturing Plant

Distribution Terminal: Gibsonton, FL and Lantana, FL

Odyssey Manufacturing Plant
Our Commitment 


Odyssey is willing to work hard to earn your trust. We offer unprecedented quality and service at very competitive prices. Our state of the art plant is operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to meet demand and help facilitate customer service and emergency response. Our commitment to excellence is best demonstrated by our focus toward the manufacturing of only a single product, while utilizing a revolutionary manufacturing process. Since we can provide a variety of disinfection equipment, plus our Ultrachlor, we are now redefining our role to provide total disinfection solutions to our customers. 

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